If you just go for a paddle than you can stop thinking about wanting to go for a paddle.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017: Post 11 – My second camping trip

A couple year's ago a few of us paddled the lower Gander River... pick here for that blog entry.  After that trip some of us decided we would do the Northwest Gander River (often called the Upper Gander) in the future...  soooo....

On June 9 five of us drove out to the Bay d'Espoir Highway for a put-in on the Northwest Gander River.  Clyde, Cathy, and I stayed with the kayaks and gear while Hazen and Gary did the car shuttle to leave a vehicle at the take-out.  In hind-sight we should have taken a third car and just dropped it off on the way, saving us the car Shuttle on Friday... No matter though, I am sure by now those of us who stayed with the gear and those who drove have forgotten about the length of time it took...

While waiting for the guys to return we packed all the kayaks so the boys would not have to deal with it when they returned.


Cathy taking it easy

It was right around 5:30 pm when we got on the water....

Clyde sitting in a little eddy, waiting for the guys to catch up

We paddled for a couple hours and found a great campsite.

Cathy loves camping....
By the time we had set up camp and relaxed a little, darkness was on us and supper was made with headlamps strapped on... 

It began raining after our camp was set up and we didn't bother with a campfire.  We had a long day since leaving town early in the morning and we didn't stay up late.

The next morning we took our time with breakfast and breaking camp.  It was after 9 am when we took to the water.


I was having a rough day and so I didn't take many pics during the day's paddle.. but here's a little video clip of Clyde and Hazen...


We found a camp site about 5:30 pm and settled in to camp life - get into dry clothes, set up tents, have supper, collect firewood... 

Hazen brought some Jiffy-pop but it didn't go so well... looking at the charred remains of what was to be a snack around the campfire I was really missing Neville and Shane on this trip.  If you don't know the reason for missing these guys read this blog entry - pick here.

I don't remember what time we went to sleep but it wasn't very late and so we were up early.

 I don't think it was much past 7 am when we got on the water.  A short two hour-ish paddle put us at the take-out at Gander Lake.

Clyde, Hazen, and I drove back to get Gary's car, leaving Cathy and Gary to look after the gear and do a little paddling in the area.  By the time we got back, dealt with a little mishap, and got on the road it was time to get an early supper at the closest Irving where we reminisced about the fun we had over the weekend...  

It was fun.  We had some laughs and have a few stories to tell around future campfires... but the stories and laughter will really only mean something to those of us who did the trip, those who didn't come along will just have to pretend they didn't miss another good trip...

Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017: Post 10 – My first camping trip for the year

On the weekend of June 3rd and 4th a few of us spent some time at the Ruins in Terra Nova River.  We paddled Sat afternoon, camped for the night, and then paddled again on Sunday morning.... 

A couple pics of the guys...


Brian and Shane

The walk back to the cars from the take-out

Our campfire for the evening
A few video's of the guys taking turns surfing on a little wave...





I've had a Scarp1 Tarptent for several years now and have been very happy with it.  So when I decided to get a new backpacking tent earlier this year I went back to Tarptent and decided on the Notch.  I brought it to use for the first time on this  particular paddling trip.

My new  Notch
After I set up the tent I went around it tightening things up and heard a "rrrrrip."  The corner of the inner nest had torn!!  I think if the tent was another brand I may have been pissed about it, but I knew that somehow, in some way, Henry Shires (the owner of Tarptent) would take care of me.

On Monday afternoon last week, after the trip, I e-mailed Tarptent and this was the response from Henry Shires... 

"That’s not good. I’ve never seen a tear like that on a Notch corner but maybe the fabric was just too perforated. In any event, I’m sending you another one.  When it arrives would you please post the one back (regular mail) and we’ll reimburse you for the cost."

From the time I initially e-mailed Tarptent on Monday afternoon to when I received a notification that the package was in the U.S. mail, slightly more than two and a half hours had passed!!!  The package showed up at the end of last week. 

Why did I order another Tarptent product when I went looking for a backpacking tent?  The answer is because I have enjoyed my Scarp1 and found it to be a very good product.  Why will I buy another Tarptent product in the future if I buy another tent.  The answer is that I know the Notch will be equally enjoyed as has been the Scarp1, and will prove to be another great product, but now I have also experienced first-hand the customer service that Henry Shires provides to his customers, and how he stands behind his products.